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What are the Pharmacological Effects of Etizolam?

Pharmacological Effects of Etizolam

Are you suffering from insomnia? Or do you have the symptoms of “anxiety” or “panic attack”? “Anxiety” as defined by medical science is a restless state of mind often keeps you with inner turmoil, and outwardly resulting with constant nervous attitude and behavior. In this article we will discuss all the Pharmacological Effects of Etizolam.

The next level of the same symptoms develops into “panic attack” which means a sudden feeling of intense fear resulting sudden growth of heartbeat or palpitation and sweating. The “panic attack” also may include severe shivering, numbness, and difficulties in breathing, normally creating a strong feeling as if something terrible is going to happen soon.

The “anxiety” or “panic attack” is but symptoms. The real problem is the “insomnia” because of which you get the symptoms of anxiety and panic attack. Your physician, if once finds you suffering from insomnia, will prescribe you with “etizolam.” Find out below what is etizolam and pharmacological effects of etizolam.

What is Etizolam?

Etizolam is also known by its brand name Etizest, Etilaam, Sedekopan, Pasaden, Etizola, and Depas is an analog of “Benzodiazepine.” The medical terminologies used above are obviously beyond the capacity of an easy understanding of the common man. Let’s just try to understand “Benzodiazepine” in a simple way. Benzodiazepine is a psychoactive drug discovered by Leo Sternbach in an inquisitive and accidental manner in the year 1955. In the course of time, this drug was made available in the market with different names and different compositions. The Benzodiazepine is very popular in the contemporary period and prescribed popularly by the physicians, and commonly known as “minor tranquilizers.” Now, let’s discuss the pharmacological effects of etizolam. But before that just peep into the context when etizolam is prescribed.

The Context When Etizolam Is Prescribed

The etizolam is popularly prescribed when the patient suffers from the below-mentioned problems:

  • Insomnia and panic disorder.
  • Anxiety disorder.
  • Alcohol withdrawals and seizures.
  • Other psycho-fearing indications.

Restrictions On Etizolam

During Pregnancy: It is strictly instructed that one must not consume etizolam during pregnancy. Etizolam consumption during pregnancy has been proved with cleft palate with newborn babies. However, the phenomenon is still a debate, but it advisable not to take a risk and prevent the pharmacological effects of etizolam by avoiding etizolam during pregnancy.

Elderly people: The etizolam prescription and consumption is restricted for the elderly people by the American Geriatrics Society (AGS) for its adverse effect on them. The elderly people are considered to be at risks of low memory, daytime sedation and with increased risks of vehicle-related accidents. Consumption of etizolam results with depression and dementia among the elderly.

Side Effects Or Negative Effects Of Etizolam

Dizziness and drowsiness, decrease in libido and erection, decrease in concentration and alertness particularly among the elderly, feeling turmoil, and change in behavior.

Some medical experts opine that long term consumption of etizolam creates dependency and the patient suffers insomnia in a more adverse way when he attempts to stop or quit the consumption of etizolam.

There are other chances of paradoxical and psychiatric effects of etizolam which are but very rare.

As far as the pharmacological effects of etizolam are concerned, it is already discussed above, and you can find that each drug has one or other side effects or negative effects. It is always strongly recommended that not only etizolam but any other medication, if you want to take for yourself, please consult your physician. If possible always go to your physician before you want to adopt any therapy or drugs, and do it under the prescription of your physician.

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